Take engineering seriously.

How things are built is important.

Compare software engineering to the architecture and construction of buildings.

Would you step into a building that was poorly designed, not thoroughly tested, or rushed in construction “to be repaired later”? It probably wouldn’t be your first choice.

When you set foot in a building, you are making a lot of assumptions. You assume that a competent architect designed the plans for the building. You assume that the construction workers who assembled it followed the best practices of the day. You assume that parts used in construction were of sufficient quality for the task.

After all, if buildings tended to collapse on people, there would be a lot of outrage, and people would be held accountable.

In software engineering, there aren’t many government-mandated regulations around the construction of software. Developers often use libraries and tools without fully understanding their origin or quality. And many companies hire developers that have poor programming skills and limited knowledge of best practices. As a result, many software systems are full of defects.

When you perform software engineering, think of the architects and construction of massive buildings. It would be best if you endeavored to have the same level of quality.

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