Automate repetitive tasks.

Robots are your friends.

We used to plow the fields manually with a hoe. Then we tied the hoe to an ox, and things went faster. As people developed engines, the oxen became dinner, and people switched to tractors. Today, we have robots driving the tractors.

More and more, we replace tedious manual work with automated robots. The robots never complain, and they can be more reliable. You should apply the same idea to your own work. Why should you perform many mindless, repetitive tasks? Instead, you can automate them away with some scripts and programs.

If you find yourself doing the same thing three times, you should automate it with a script. Save yourself the manual work. The chances are good that if you’ve done something three times, you’ll probably have to do it dozens of times in the future. It’s worth the effort to bring in the robots.

This rule applies to practically anything:

  • builds
  • tests
  • document generation
  • deployment
  • reports
  • queries
  • health checks
  • prep work and setup
  • investigation

So quit working so hard and make more robots.

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