Learn how to give good presentations.

Giving presentations is an essential element of improving your communication skills.

Presentations serve many possible purposes, including:

  • to inform
  •  to educate
  •  to persuade or convince
  •  to activate or stimulate
  •  to entertain
  •  to inspire or motivate

Your presentation may support more than one of these goals.

As you advance in your career, you will be called upon from time to time to make a presentation to your peers. Often, the primary purpose is to educate: to teach your peers something that you have learned. Whenever you can spread your skills amongst others, your value increases significantly. Strong individual contributors are great, but people who make more employees better are a force multiplier.

You don’t need to be in a management role to influence others. And, over time, if your influence benefits others, it could lead to managers considering you for a leadership role—something to think about.

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