Business exceptions are different.

Handle them differently than technical exceptions.

Examples of technical exceptions are the database not responding, a method called with the wrong type of arguments, a library is missing, the system is out of disk space or memory, a firewall rule is preventing a connection, and so on. If you tried to explain these to a business person, you would typically get a blank stare. Instead, they would want to know why you did not do your job correctly.

Business exceptions are different. For example, a purchase order quantity exceeded the available inventory. The bank charged an account negative interest. Someone entered a birthday that is in the future. These are business rule violations.

The system should handle technical exceptions through technical exception handlers. It should notify developers and systems operators so they can repair the system and modify the code to avoid future problems.

The application needs to handle business exceptions through a user-friendly workflow. A user must be able to make alterations to the submitted request and correct the information. It is a much different process.

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