Earn it.

You’re a professional programmer.

When you pay a doctor to examine your health and provide treatment, you expect high-quality service. Your health is very important, and you are spending good money on the doctor’s services. An improper diagnosis due to lazy efforts by the doctor or the medical staff could have severe effects on you.

When you hire a lawyer for legal advice, you need her expert opinion and counsel. The law is vast and complicated. It is not often that you need a lawyer’s services, but when you do, you need that lawyer to render expert-level services.

When you hire mechanics to work on your car, you trust them to repair and reassemble your vehicle correctly. If your vehicle were to fall apart while you were cruising down the Interstate, the results could be quite unfavorable. So you don’t trust just anyone to fix your car.

The examples go on and on. The architect who designs your house. The dentist who removes a tooth. The teacher who instructs your children. We expect these professionals to do their jobs well.

People expect the same of you. Your employer pays you good money to write software. Countless people could use these programs in the future. Businesses may depend on the results of the systems you build. Thus you should take your job very seriously, commit to high-quality results, and create great products that others can rely on.

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