Accept criticism.

It’s not always easy to get feedback.

You should definitely take it when you can get it. Some people shy away from criticism, fearing it reveals their weaknesses and emphasizes their failures. That’s simply not the case; by giving you valuable feedback, your coworkers are trying to make you better.

The best and most immediate criticism a developer can get is during the code reviews. Your fellow programmers can help you follow best practices and adhere to the styles and conventions that lead to high-quality code. They should take their job as a reviewer very seriously because they will have to support this code in the future.

You can also receive valuable feedback from the testers. The QA team doesn’t have to report only bugs. They can also inform you about things that work but may not be optimal. User interfaces that aren’t clear. Response times that appear to be slow. Applications that are hard to test. Work with the QA team to get as much information as you can.

Another good source of feedback is from the product owners and managers. When you receive changes to the specifications after a demonstration of work in progress, it’s a sign that your team could have designed the application better. Finding faults during the design phase is crucial, as changes get more expensive in later stages.

You’re not perfect, but you can be better. Who doesn’t want to be better?

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