Make code re-use easier.

Code that is easier to understand is more likely to be reused.

Okay, everyone is a big fan of reuse. After all, recycling is not only environmentally friendly, it saves money, too! Wait, we’re talking about software here, not aluminum cans. So push the back blue bin…

Alright, starting over:

When you’re writing a nice bit of code that particularly proud of, you, of course, want it to be used by others as well. After all, it’s smart to have a common library and implement certain pieces of logic only once.

Unfortunately, just because you wrote it, doesn’t mean people will want to use it. For your code to be picked up for reuse, it needs to be clean, attractive, and easy to use.

Think about it. You want to work with clean, clear code. So do the people who come after you. So for your code to be reused, it needs to developer-friendly. Easy to read. Easy to understand. Easy to use. It’s what you would want, right?

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