Avoid manual labor.

If your job involves telling computers how to do things automatically, then you should not do things manually.

Someday, the robots will take over and do all of the manual work. Already, robots assemble cars, plow the fields, pick items in a warehouse, vacuum the floor, choose songs for your mixtapes, find books you’ll like, fly planes, park cars, and perform surgery. In the future, all kinds of manual work will be done by robots.

Our job as developers is to write the programs that control these robots. We are the puppet masters. Those robots do what we tell them to do.

So why in the world would we do manual work ourselves?

When you find yourself doing something manually for the third time, you should create a program or shell script to perform that function for you. Share your scripts with the team.

Treat these scripts as software. Check them into version control. Give them code reviews. Replace them with more sophisticated programs if the script gets more use or requires some complexity.

When it’s your job to automate tasks that people used to do manually, it’s really absurd when you do things manually. Don’t be that guy.

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