Bring a solution to the table.

If you’re not providing options, then you’re a part of the problem.

In any organization, there is typically that one person who is always negative about everything. They can always come with many reasons not to do things. They point out all of the problems, weaknesses, and defects in a project.

Because many of these are often legitimate concerns, these people do have some value. Problems cannot be ignored; they won’t go away by themselves. As we are all very concerned about quality and security, it benefits us to be aware of these issues and work towards remediating them.

Ah, but how?

When a person points out faults but does not provide any solutions, they are creating work for other people. It is much more useful to point out solutions and then also provide a variety of options on how to solve the problem. People who provide solutions are always considered to be more valuable than those who only uncover problems.

So be the person with the solutions. Do the extra legwork.

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