Learn from everyone.

The path to greater wisdom is paved by the knowledge of others.

One way to learn things is to go through a lot of personal experiences. You try things, experiment. Some things succeed, most things fail. You keep trying, and over time you get better at things. It happens almost by accident.

It’s an extremely inefficient way to learn new things.

Furthermore, when you learn from your own experiences, you are very limited in the things you can learn. Try as you might, you will only the gain wisdom of one person’s experience.

Real wisdom requires learning from the experiences of thousands of other people. You can learn something useful from every person, as they have a lifetime of experiences to share. So to achieve the most wisdom, you need to always be open to thoughts and knowledge of others.

Some people feel they are better than others and remain closed-minded much of the time. Over the long run, such people fail to learn from others’ experiences, and thus their own wisdom is limited. So, be smart, and realize that you learn things from anyone.

Obviously, other people aren’t always right, and you need to be aware of this. The important thing is to learn from others’ experiences so that you’re not only learning from your own.

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