Beware shiny things.

Buzzwords don’t make things useful.

It is very easy to get caught up in a new fad. It may be a new framework, a new development pattern, a new tool, or whatever. A new version of Angular. The atom editor. The repository pattern. Machine learning. Internet of Things. There are countless examples.

Just remember, being popular in the press and on websites and blogs does not mean that the current hotness is the best tool for every job you have in front of you. Frequently, these are new things generating a lot of buzz, because they appeared to solve a specific problem in a cool new way, giving someone a huge advantage in a particular job.

Next thing you know, everyone wants to copy it. Uber for strawberry picking. Airbnb of skateboard rental. Snapchat for trainspotting. Blockchain for Slurpees. And so on.

Soon people realize that just because it worked in one case doesn’t mean it will be the best tool for their job. Then the fad passes and people are on to the next new hotness.

The best tools prove themselves over time. So watch out when people dog pile onto the latest fad. It might not last.

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