Beware bikeshedding.

Some decisions don’t get the consideration they deserve.

The more complex a system is, the more people will argue over the trivial details, ignoring the important parts.

Some people can’t understand the complex parts and thus feel obligated to argue about the simpler parts that they understand, so they feel like they are making a contribution. They are not. Don’t do this.

Imagine for example a committee considering the approval of a nuclear power plant. The committee doesn’t understand most of it, other than it will provide power to the city. Part of the project involves the construction of a bike shed on the side of the facility for the use of the workers. The general contractor has provided multiple options for the color the bike shed will be painted. Suddenly, the committee is full of many opinions and a heated discussion ensues.

The approval of the plant gets almost no discussion, but the committee argues for hours about a bike shed. This kind of craziness happens far more than you would think.

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