Name your functions well.

A good name describes its returned value.

Function names should not be vague. It should be immediately obvious what you’re going to get when you call the function.

A function is a method that takes zero or more inputs and returns an output. When the output is an object in the business domain, it’s generally a lot more useful than when it returns primary types.

Say you have a function that takes zip code as an input and returns a list of nearby stores. If you named the function “getLocations()”, it is rather vague. What locations? How do I use them? What kind of object am I getting back?

On the other hand, “getStoresNearZipCode(ZipCode)” gives you the idea that it is returning an array of Store objects. It also points you in the direction of passing a zip code object as the argument.

This type of thing may seem like a trivial issue, but it greatly increases the speed of development and improves the understanding of the code by others.

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